The Squid Systems high performance, high quality HEVC software encoder supports encoding at multiple resolutions using proprietary technologies to achieve high video quality at lower bit rates than competing commercial encoders.

The Squid HEVC encoder supports a range of quality levels, allowing optimized solutions to be developed for applications including broadcast head-end equipment, cloud based encode / transcode servers, DVRs, NVRs, STBs/OTTs, video conferencing servers, home media servers, surveillance servers, and automotive driver assistance systems.

The Squid HEVC encoder is available in two versions. A1 provides the highest quality video compression, reducing bit-rates by 45 – 55% or more over numerous video test clips, when compared to popular H.264 AVC encoders. A2 improves processing performance, allowing multiple HEVC streams to be encoded simultaneously on popular server platforms.

The Squid HEVC encoder is optimized to better utilize Intel AVX instruction set and the instruction and data caches. The Squid HEVC real-time encoder is available on x86 based platforms as well as Squid’s own hardware IP, a low power, high performance design for Image, Vision and Video Processing.

Product Fact Sheet