Squid HW IP

The Squid Systems SQ400 is a high performance Image, Vision and Video Processor offering excellent quality HEVC HD encode capability required in a range of applications such as broadcast head-end equipment, cloud based encode / transcode servers, DVRs, NVRs, STBs/OTTs, Video Conferencing servers, Home Media assistance systems.

The scalability & programmability of the SQ400 drives simultaneous encoding of multiple channels in HEVC or H.264 AVC formats, with excellent video pre-processing and post-processing. At the heart of SQ400 is an innovative multi-core configuration of the Squid high performance low power Vivid compute engine, which accelerated vision and image processing, and video compression. The SQ400 seamlessly supports multi- core configurations to power various resolution ranges and codec density solutions at very low power consumption.

Product Fact Sheet for SQ400 Hardware IP